Monday, April 04, 2005

"The perfect combinations"

Creativity, action, viral marketing, simplicity, and value... Overdeliver on those and you got a winner.

For the best result a free product is the way to go, as it will be spread that much further.
As when you sell something, you will have a lower response rate, not only that, you get to build your list that much quicker by giving something away.

"The real money is in the list" ... as they always keep telling us. therefor the list IS the most important part of the whole thing, getting the email address IS the main reason to do this.

A great example of this is Harvey's great free viral book... HERE Now aint that neat... ;)
He gives you a fantastic product there, and lets YOU benefit in more ways than one.
A much recommended product there...and Im not even asking you for an email address.. :-)
But hey signing up to my newsletter would be a good trade.. ;-)
Do you think you could USE that book?

Another big influence on me in the viral dept is Gary's great products, ideas, and service.
That man has way overdelivered, a few times too..

He not only gives you a FREE listbuilder, he also provide you with a neat viral way to build profits, even with NO product of your own.
The truth is he KNOWS that the value in his methods are worth the effort put in cos he DOES it himself.
Take a look and get YOUR list started.. HERE and not only use it, but watch how it grows.. ;-) Neat?? You betcha...
And not only that.. he has other very good things you should check out... like HERE and HERE
and as you can see some VERY good stuff.. And I aint asking you for an email here either!!

So, if you can MIX these together, wahey.. you got a great thing going here.
Not only do these marketers give you a great start, they also teach you well, simply do what they do, and not JUST what they say, and you can't go wrong.

The big bonus for these marketers, is that they don't need to ADVERTISE.... as we all spread the word.

Get your list, get your affiliate products, viral stuff, etc, and work them together.
Then rinse and repeat.. hey if you are QUICK you get to have UNLIMITED use of the list builder's auotoresponders, so you can build many different list's.. now how good is that?
So what are you witing for....
Get yours going today.

Monday, March 28, 2005

"A two way working blog"

Ever felt like you "had" to do something?
Back to the wall stuff?
In the situation where you just had to get something going badly to enable you to get out of the "situation", well here's mine, and I AM glad you found this page.

Most likely you got here through my "sunday servings" blog..
If so you will know what the situation is I am in, and not a good one at that.
If not you can read about it here and I hope you can understand why I have set this "shameless plug page" up :-)
Time is of the essense here with the situation as it is.

Lets step to it.. as many of you know being an affiliate can be a rewarding thing, even when you have no website... :-)
So I have set up some affiliate links here to promote, hoping that someone will see something they have wanted or looked for, knowing it will be helping me an awful lot with my situation.
There maybe something you like here maybe not... but even if not... I'll try find it if you know what it is. ;-)

But hows this a two way blog??

Well do you have a book or software, or anything of digital nature that you wish to promote?
If so can I be the affiliate to sell them through this blog?
Have a service to provide to others?
Want to advertise it here?
How can I help you?
What would you like to see on here? Email--- islandmarketer (take out spaces)

I'll set more up here over the next few days, and I do hope that some of you see some thing you need or desire here, or want to have an affiliate link, banner to your site here.

You will notice SOME things are free.......
Look at the links to see what they are. :-)

Hope its a good start..
What do you think?